Pickles and Chutneys

If  you like pickles of the sweet and hot variety then do try these –

Gaarlic Pickle, of any brand, I use MTR. Its fabulous. Its almost a subzi in itself I feel. Garlic and onions are such sweet ‘whatever they are, roots or bulbs or veggies’. Sublime!

The murabba you get next to the cheese counters at Spar, where they also sell fresh lassis. Although, beware of the fruit salad in that section, they are usually made of fruits that they cant display at the counters. The murabba is sweet, slightly hot and delicious. With alu bhajjia, dal and rice, its the perfect thing to have.

The sweet, date, kishmish and tomato pickle they serve at bengali weddings. Its to die for.

Tomato and Apple Chutney

The final thing Ive had and liked, also made really is the tomato apple chutney with a recipe from an old Good Housekeeping magazine. I’ve lost that recipe since and now I use any I can find on the internet. I don’t normally bother with the kind of apples, I just buy a kilo of whatever I can find, a kilo of tomato, a kg of the sticky brown sugar called demerara.

The recipe is here


Courtesy site: Allrecipes.co.uk

Its really easy to make, in the sense you just add all the ingredients and cook, cook, and cook. All you need to do is some measuring, some chopping and some stirring. Then, chutney is ready. I didn’t use  vinegar the first time, and did the second time. I think I like it without the vinegar and with just lemon to add the tanginess. But vinegar means it lasts longer. Common mistake is less salt as I’ve experienced, because chutneys need to have salt.


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