Basbousa Bakrid

The site I used to get the recipe from is fabulous . Its great to experiment from, and has all the traditional dishes from that region.

This Basbousa was for Bakrid, along with a Khubz (Bread) recipe from the weekend Hindu – Khubz Arabi

Basbousa is a kind of semolina/sooji cake drenched in sugar syrup. The sweetness of the cake can be controlled by how much syrup you add. I think I overdid it this time. A little less sweet and it would have been perfect.

The Khubz was great. A variant of nan and I was told very similar to the bread eaten in Kashmir. I think I made it a bit harder than it was supposed to be. I got worried if the insides would be cooked. But the photo in Hindu suggests that they don’t need to be browned very much on the outside at all.

Lessons learnt for the next time. And all in all a very beige/brown/wheatish bakrid.


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