Vanilla ice cream sunday

Vanilla Icecream is exactly like a blank canvas, its like having white walls in a house. For three years I have lived with pink walls and I cant think of a worse punishment for myself.  Coming back to the vanilla icecream, out of the many, many things that one can do with it, I did two this sunday.

One,I made this green apple and vanilla ice cream combo, simple, easy, and tasty.

One scoop of Vanilla ice cream in a bowl + Add to it two big tablespoons of Mala’s Green Apple Crush (Or any other flavor / brand). So delicious.

The other, vanilla ice cream with sliced chikoo and loads of chocolate sauce. Unlikely combination for me but so wonderful. My next step is to try it with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and some cashews.

Chikoo is in season now and I have to remember to eat lots of it and use it until it disappears from the racks of Hopcoms or becomes ridiculously expensive.


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