Passion Fruit Icecream

I walked into Nilgiris in Bangalore and what did I find in the Fresh Vegetables and Fruits section? PassionFruit!!!

Now I grew up in Madikeri, so I’ve actually picked these straight out from the tree, cut them into halves and immediately eaten their pulpy centres.  I’ve also dreamt of making passion fruit icecream from a very long time.

So in the same supermarket, who are extremely well stocked for any dessert making requirements, I found two Ice Cream making related chemicals, GMS and CMC. On a hunch I got CMC. I remembered that the recipe for no-churn Ice Cream on the Nigella website didn’t require any chemical additions. So I picked one up just to try a bit.

So now, at home, all set. I decided to consult Nigella’s pomegranate no-churn recipe and mix up the ingredients and quantities a little bit.

Here’s what I did-

300-400 gms whole Passion Fruit (about 5 to 6)

200 ml Fresh Cream

About 175 gms Castor sugar (more or less according to taste)

Juice of Half a Lemon

A tiny pinch, about 1/8th tsp of CMC powder (available at Nilgiris, for setting Ice Creams. Essentially it keeps the ice cream smooth and creamy instead of ending up as just ice)


Once you’ve scooped out all the pulp from your passsion fruits, lightly blitz them in a mixie so the juice/pulp is separated from the seeds.

Sieve the juice out using any strainer or muslin cloth.

Add Sugar and Juice of the half lemon and whip it. A lot.

Now add cream and whip it. A lot lot. The more the better and I almost went crazy with it. Switching on the TV, watching a favorite serial and just whipping like mad.

When the mixture is soft and springy put it in an airtight container and into the freezer. Mine never got there, so after a lot of whipping, I just put it in the freezer as is. No soft peaks on top of the mixture for me. Didn’t seem to affect the setting of the ice cream too much though.

Take this out after every two hours, give it a complete mixing up to avoid formation of ice crystals and keep it to set again. Mine got done very well after about 10 hours. But its ready to eat after 6. A little creamy but very tasty.

And today, my sister brought home some pomegranates. So.


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