Old House. Loved House.

There was once this house I lived in which looked like this.

The chairs are from the Ikea store. By mistake, the Ikea store billed just one chair, so it was a bit like buy one chair get one free (and in those days I didn’t really care enough to do the right thing. Of course, now I have changed. I hope). The table was from the local Salvation Army. I now realize how badly that table needed a table cloth. I can imagine it with a pretty white and blue printed table cloth. Something like this printed curtain maybe?

Anyway, the little bit of the rug that can be seen is a Fab India rug I carried all the way from India to use on a carpeted floor! Disregard the legs totally for the purpose of this picture. I still have the salt and pepper shakers which have found a home on my mothers dining table, the placemats, ashtray and the cushion covers.

This photo shows another piece of furniture that came from Salvation Army.  Some of the pictures on the wall are photographs taken on various trips, blown up and stuck on thick chart paper to lessen the impact of no frames. Some of the glasses, especially the dark tall wine glasses and the frames are still with me.  The Gone With the Wind poster that can be seen in the left most corner of the picture was from the lovely Victoria market. One day there will be a dedicated post on just the finds from that market. For now this is me in the left most corner of the picture shopping quite seriously inside the market and the ‘Skinny Milk How do You like it?’ banners. It is a huge space, and there were so many places to look!

And another one just outside the fruits and veggies section (at different times and hence the varying lengths of hair)

And now back to the house, the other end of the carpet looked like this

Thats an old painting I made myself, expressly to fill that wall. The black plain square that I stuck in the middle had seemed like an excellent and a very necessary idea back then. Of course now it looks a bit weird. And the cushion covers are long lost.

Finally, the bedroom with a badly made bed. What can I say, it was a miracle it was made at all. In fact the vacuum cleaner was there in the room that day for a purpose. Bachelor living at its best. Actually, nothings changed now although efforts are still on. On the walls, again photos taken around the city and stuck on large black chart paper squares.  And that little dresser from Salvation Army.

Someday all these photos which are hung on the walls will get their own post.

So, this was the first house I tried to pretty up to live in. Those were the days!


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