A halfhearted attempt to organize

Look at what is here: A substitute small scale dresser until we find something we really like, or finalize the space arrangement in the room or save enough money to buy more furniture. Its true! Too much wood around the house already!

Terrible Mess

Now take empty shoe boxes lying around.




Cut out the tops

Put it on the racks with some random extra boxes lying around. And here it is now

Why half hearted? The things I could have done with those boxes! Like make some nice blue prints on that white surface.  Maybe Kalamkari like these

Or Prints of feathers

The possibilities are endless and so, this is officially work in progress. Unless it all gets thrown away for some nice looking boxes that one has to pay for.  The photos are  that way because I am still trying to figure out the SLR. Sorry about the trouble they cause the eye!


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