Cook Eat Work Clean Decorate and Share in Bangalore

What is this blog about?

a. This is a blog that is supposed to help track, record and share all the adventures at home and beyond. And that includes making ice cream at home, organizing the stuff that is lying around in the bedroom, growing a garden and other such things. As home is right now in Bangalore, this blog is a record of the years spent at home in Bangalore doing ‘fun things’ or ‘not such fun things’

Who is the writer?

The writer is a wife at home in Bangalore.

What does she want to do through the blog?

She wants to motivate herself to cook clean and create things for and at home, which as everyone knows can get to become a chore. So to keep things interesting and to share the random happenings in a home in bangalore, she writes this blog.

What does she want from the readers? Well, if there are any.

Well, she wants them in turn to be inspired, find a pick up for the day or point and laugh. Whatever takes their fancy. Basically to just have fun and maybe make home made ice creams as well.


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