In the mood for cookies

I want to make them. Yes. I tried this the other day –

Key Lime Meltaways

I didn’t have any vanilla essence at the time. And figured, vanilla essence = extra lemon juice. After all in the world of measurements and equivalents, liquid 1 tsp = liquid 1 tsp (my graduation is in science). Of course it doesn’t work that way. So I was left with extra lemony biscuits. But I have to say that they were buttery, burst in the mouth, melted away and were generally, such excellent cookies. So, an excellent recipe to try (with vanilla essence)

And today I want to try

Basic cookie recipe with variations

As the first time that I tried a cookie recipe from this site, it worked, I want to stick to the good formula for my ‘turns out quite well’ cookie and continue with trying out ‘easy to medium difficulty’ recipes from this site. Very, very nice site – Smitten Kitchen.

If its easy to make, great to taste, then that is my favorite recipe. So all the recipes I put in here, my own or recommended will be both easy to make and great to taste (to me!)

Anyway, here are the steps and photos…

Step 1: Take the frozen solid butter out to defreeze. I have the time so I let it take its own time. Over time I have realised that this is one of the most important steps. The way it works best for me is when the butter is not completely liquid or too hard. Then the butter+sugar mixture turns out perfectly right.

Step 2: Decide on the variations bit. I have tried poppy seeds, lemon zest, bit of ginger (ginger nut cookies being one of my favorite types), raisins etc. This time, I am working with whatever I have at hand, and that is a small packet of ‘tutty fruity’ from the ‘Spencers’ closest to my house. And I still don’t have vanilla essence!! So I used a bit of rosewater instead. I figured at least the overwhelming smell of butter and flour will be masked a little bit at least. And I also added about two teaspoons of cinnamon

Step 3: Measured all the ingredients (following the recipe on the site to the T)

Step 4: Mix up the batter

Step 5: According to the recipe above, this cookie can be rolled into logs and sliced through. Which is what I normally do. But this time, I had this brand new cookie cutter that I badly wanted to use. So, I used it.

So then, the cookies. Ta da.

One of the cookies is flipped over to show ‘this is what it look likes flipped over’.

Sorry about the blurriness of the pictures, I am still trying to figure out my new camera.



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