Trunks for storage + sitting

Our terrace is a real open space. There is no place to sit, ponder, think, write. Or whatever is your fancy. So it is essentially a place to experiment, space wise because it is really in the bottom of our list of priorities at the moment. Therefore, experiment.

Recently, we had to get trunks for storage of tons of materials and properties. This equals to aluminium trunks which are an ideal solution for mobile storage.

The Aluminium could look nasty, especially if the look you are going for is not quite industrial. And as I already had one painted trunk of approximately the same size that I liked, I thought why not paint these as well.

So first, clean the trunks. They had some adhesive tape stuck to them at various places and other general dirt.

Wipe it dry completely before painting. I am not sure of the kind of paint I used. Besides, I figured this is temporary and can always be repainted, besides I got lazy. So the paint of choice was Asian Paints ‘Iced Teal’. This was a spur of the moment paint choice. The auto loaded with the three trunks was waiting outside while I managed to select, ask for different paints, and finally settled for this as the best compromise (closest to what I wanted and by then quicker alternative).

As I was painting, a leaf blew down and settled on the still wet paint and got stuck. So I got a few more from the meagre garden around me and stuck them as well. Which is what can be seen on the middle trunk.

And these trunks also have tiny, I am not sure what to call them, thingies on top that give them such a sophisticated look, for an aluminium trunk, after they were painted. The ‘Iced Teal’ also helped. It looks, quite luxurious from certain angles. These are those thingies, if at all they can be seen.

But painted trunks look good only when the choice of paint has been good. So maybe ‘iced teal’ was not the best way to go. Or maybe they just need to be looked at a little bit more to settle in. Or maybe some design/painting work will go a really long way. Work in Progress then.

The trunks are all from Chickpet/SP Road/Avenue Road (one of the bylanes) Cost me 600 rupees each.

+ Paint 120 Rs

+ Brush 30 Rs

+Transport, Passenger auto worked, 270 Rs

Total = 2220 Rs

And the best part, this is work storage so the expense doesn’t even come in the house category.



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