Painting the bathroom doors

No, I haven’t done this already. But lately, this has become an increasing obsession. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep deciding on the shades of the colors. Yellow and Blue I decided. As, I had already decided, warm and cool as the bathroom colors. Using all things blue (as much as I could) in one, and all things orange, red, rusty, brown in the other.

So, why yellow.

1) We already have a really, really orange wall and I can live without an orange door added to my life.

2) Brown could be a little suffocating. Not an open color

3)Red – Too… Reactive

4) So, yellow. A shade that has to be agreed on by a family vote. Nobody wants strange colors to stare at while doing their stuff.

So here’s my pinterest selection of yellows.

There are only three, and I like the deeper yellow the best. A little bit of chrome to lighten our bathroom hours.

The ridges and panels would be wonderful as well. Maybe when these doors finally go and we get new ones.  The doors right now have a couple of cracks. Especially near the door handles, and I don’t know why.

Now for the door of the cooler bathroom.

Its such an open color, reminds me of water and large open spaces. How can that be bad in a bathroom. There’s no doubt about the turquoise color. And that’s a very peaceful feeling.

However, I am concerned about the ‘BIG’ statements that these are liable to make. Will they look amateur? As in a playhouse? Will being an amateur in a playhouse be really that bad?

The other option is to frame these colors. Really big frames, that are also light and hang on the now cream doors.

We’ll see.

Note: The photographs of the doors above are not my pictures. Clicking on them will take you to the places they originally came from. Btw, how nice are blue doors to photograph?


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