One night Two days in Gokarna

 Bus: SRS (,

Stay: Namaste Cafe on Om Beach

Travel hours: 12 (From Bangalore to Gokarna)

No.Of Beaches to see: 5, Om, Moonlight, Paradise, Kudle, Gokarna Main. Om = best/easiest, Gokarna Main = ho hum, Paradise = Apparently the most secluded and beautiful, approachable only by boat and open only through Nov – May.

No.Of Temples: 1 main, Dungeon like thing that houses one live, magnificent bull.

Things to do: Stare at the sea, Eat and Drink, Stare at the sea, Play in the sea, Swim in the sea, Stare at the Sea, Shop in the main Gokarna town for tourist knick knacks. There’s a small book shop, my sisters discovery from her earlier tours, which has some very colorful fridge magnets of Gods and Godesses.

Helpful Tips:

There is one hotel at a distance of maybe 1 km from the checkpost which has a toilet. No other hotels/restaurants have it. This hotel says some ‘Lodge’ written in big letters and comes right before you take a right turn to town. I cannot remember the name (not so helpful after all). But there is one!

Take enough cash if you are staying on Om Beach. There are no ATMs, they do not accept cards and getting to and out of there is a major hassle if you haven’t driven down.

Do not eat the fish curry/rice if you don’t like your fish to be cooked in butter chicken masala.

And now, some photos.

Hanuman Says Be Cool

Some Blue Seascapes


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