Cleaning things and Beetroots

These days, its been a cleaning, organizing and streamlining kind of mindset. And with me it takes longer than shorter. This period can often extend to months without showing any drastic consequences of the said cleaning. But not to worry, these things are happening if only as ideas, future precautions and intents. It is after all cleaning and organizing we are talking about. Not very creative things, nor interesting. Unless you know, you have to have it clean. Which I don’t. Much to the chagrin of people around! (And very rightly so perhaps). One thing that has to be said is, when it is cleaned it is cleaned well. If that counts.

This is a list of things to clean before the Poojas (this is purely for self)

1)The windows – every nook and corner

2)The fans – on ladders

3)The doors – lots of dust on them

4)The kitchen – this is a humonguous project for me!

5)The bric a brac

6)Curtains – changed or cleaned

7)Utility – within an inch of its being

8)The area just outside the house

9)The store room – This is a humonguous one again

10)Under the pots – where plants have begun to grown on the terrace

11)The book rack – this I have a feeling we will enjoy very much

12)The DVDS – this never gets done, still

13)The wardrobes – Oh God No

14)The Bathrooms – Another Project

15)Linens – bed bath living room

Lets look at some lovely beautiful beetroots for now


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