How to give wooden doors a natural shine

That is what went into the google search bar. Some cleaning tips from the internet.

Lemon and Vinegar are the stars. As for the doors, a simple gentle toothpaste scrub with a thorough wipedown I think. The toothpaste involved cleaning is reserved for the puja cleaning. However, this is what a simple wipe down accomplished.


For those who, like me have no clue about what to clean/where to start cleaning, this is one of the easiest things to do, to give the rooms a cleaner look. Same would go for wardrobe doors and other wooden surfaces. I am not very sure if the pictures actually show any difference. All I can see are the marks on my laptop screen. Terrible! Guess what goes into one of the lists next. Despicable, I should it right now. So done.

After doing this, I have caught myself staring at the above clean door quite bit in admiration. The white of the painted door really comes through. One of those Big difference small change things. (Btw, cleaning the laptop screen also made a huge difference. Oh God!)


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