Bottles. Some Painted. Some Not.

All of them are being re-used though. The wine bottles, some of delicate olive green shade, some of a deeper jungle green shade have been put on tables. Those with a slightly more of dark green in them are being used as water bottles, these were also the screw cap variety which helped. There is one Scotch bottle (Glen Livet) also being used for water. Then there are the beer bottles which are quite useless unless one likes looking at some blue.

I put a whole bunch of them in hot water, waited for half a day  (this fitted in quite well with the spice bottles clean up here)

Then scrubbed off the labels, and filled the ones to be used for water with 1 part vinegar and about 10-12 parts water. Let me get the measurement right being a science student and all.

2 tablespoon vinegar + rest of the bottle = water

(At least it looks like an equation).

This is my own improvised method, after the internet search on cleaning (!), to remove smells/traces of wine/whisky etc. So that we don’t end up drunk on water at home (Not that its a bad idea). The vinegar can take away any smell. Well, it worked and the water tastes just like water.

Now the water bottles look like this.

Then the pale green / olive green / Jungle Vine green (I made this one up) bottles were moved to this temporary location.

(The cushions which are clearly the focus of the image!!, are hand stitched from an old costume of husbands. Therefore they are busting out of seams while looking pretty on the bench. The prints are what I loved. )

The Beer bottles now look like this

I must be a fool (It took three coats), and now the paint sits on them like a warm sweater on a cold day. And I fear as removable. However, they do look pretty and I like that shade of blue. If I am very bored or for some reason very excited about painting another beer bottle, this might happen again.

4 Responses to “Bottles. Some Painted. Some Not.”
  1. Anjan Babu says:

    Where can I find green wine bottles in Bangalore?
    Any address or phone numbers will make my job easier. 😀
    and I am looking for a couple of bottle only.

    • Hey, I bought wines first from the local Spencer’s alcohol section. I am sure you can find wines in green bottles at any of the stores like Drops, Madhuloka etc. And then you have to finish the wine 🙂

  2. Antara says:

    Nice Idea!I have thrown quite a few bottles.Please tell me what colours you used to paint those bottles?

    • Hi Antara, thanks for writing in. I am v sorry about the late reply. I used Acrylic paints. The problem with these is that it can peel off after sometime. Mine haven’t peeled off completely after a couple of years but they show some sign. Otherwise super. You also get special glass paints at shops that you can use. Hope this helps.

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