A new project

That will hopefully not take another year to finish. I had decided before my wedding that I would save the blouse pieces. And craft them into something I could keep forever. And while making this patchwork piece, I thought of grand mothers, and their handicrafts, what passes on to us. Handmade bedsheets, quilts and other such things. Of cold places, warm clothes and wizened old faces producing ever lasting beautiful pieces of handicraft.

I doubt if this patchwork piece will be as durable, but working hard to make it pretty.


I don’t really know how to sew very well, but am quite enthusiastic about it.

I cut out squares as I wanted them, placed them on a large lining cloth type of cloth and stitched as I thought it was possible to. The idea is to do some embroidery as well. More pictures as and when I finish.



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