There is somehow no end to cleaning. I am not the best of cleaners (wipe down surfaces, appliances, furniture, glass, fixtures….. etc). So I absolutely have to have a little motivation. One of the things I came across in this really useful blog here helps.

Homemade cleaners.

To quote from the web post in the blog, vinegar, lemon, baking soda pretty much do the job. There are other recipes for things such as furniture polish, drain cleaner etc which I might try later. But for now, I am into glass cleaner (Vinegar+water according the recipe in the link above, works like magic, better than Colin), microwave cleaner and fridge cleaner.

I even decided to clean up more wine bottles and use them as storage for the cleaners in the utility room, so no more CIF, Colin etc. But re-used wine bottles filled with homemade cleaners. Now I need to  just hold on to this practice.


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