Lattice work for the Garden

The idea is to make it myself. Currently I am thinking, how hard could it be. Guess I’ll know. The images for reference.   Questions are, should it be white or wood colored, and how high. The wood I want to go to a reclaimed wood place to buy. I imagine it will take a … Continue reading

A new project

That will hopefully not take another year to finish. I had decided before my wedding that I would save the blouse pieces. And craft them into something I could keep forever. And while making this patchwork piece, I thought of grand mothers, and their handicrafts, what passes on to us. Handmade bedsheets, quilts and other … Continue reading

Bottles. Some Painted. Some Not.

All of them are being re-used though. The wine bottles, some of delicate olive green shade, some of a deeper jungle green shade have been put on tables. Those with a slightly more of dark green in them are being used as water bottles, these were also the screw cap variety which helped. There is … Continue reading

Cleaning the Spice Rack

Or setting it up rather. I wonder if they can be really functional. The space in mine is quite tiny, so that only these 35 rs containers from Total fits in (not the already had boxes for spices). So I got a few, removed the big red and white writings stuck to the bottle with … Continue reading

The Newspaper Folders.

Things I need to put in a specified order. Or any order. 1) Old bills (shelf life – 1 year) 2)Restaurant fliers (God! there are so many of these. shelf life – the good ones, forever) 3)Photos 4)Papers – insurance, registrations, form 16s, payslips, rent/maintenance receipts 5)Maps from everywhere you have ever been 6)Brochures of … Continue reading

Trunks for storage + sitting

Our terrace is a real open space. There is no place to sit, ponder, think, write. Or whatever is your fancy. So it is essentially a place to experiment, space wise¬†because it is really in the bottom of our list of priorities at the moment. Therefore,¬†experiment. Recently, we had to get trunks for storage of … Continue reading

A halfhearted attempt to organize

Look at what is here: A substitute small scale dresser until we find something we really like, or finalize the space arrangement in the room or save enough money to buy more furniture. Its true! Too much wood around the house already! Terrible Mess Now take empty shoe boxes lying around.     These. Cut … Continue reading

Happy Diwali

Time for some beautiful hand painted diyas.  3 for 10 everywhere but look what they become with a spash of paint.