Honey Cake for the New Year

The recipe is ditto from here. This blog is a treasure chest of recipes. I have used them before (for key lime cookies here). And look at this   This means I will keep going back to this blog. Advertisements

Saucy Jam

I realised a very surprising thing last evening. Tomatoes are less than 10 rupees a kilo. So immediately, I thought of tomato jam, tomato chutney, tomato juice etc etc. Tomato juice is, well, difficult to strain. Tomato chutney. Hm. Definitely maybe. But tomato jam, most definitely, why not. So here is the break up/steps Get … Continue reading

In the mood for cookies

I want to make them. Yes. I tried this the other day – Key Lime Meltaways I didn’t have any vanilla essence at the time. And figured, vanilla essence = extra lemon juice. After all in the world of measurements and equivalents, liquid 1 tsp = liquid 1 tsp (my graduation is in science). Of … Continue reading

A cloudy White Egg for Today

A tip that I picked up from Kylie Kwong’s show on NDTV, Use a lot of oil and almost deep fry the egg, this makes the egg white puff up in all sorts of white formations while keeping the yellow soft. I will use a tissue to blot out the extra oil, but I will … Continue reading

Passion Fruit Icecream

I walked into Nilgiris in Bangalore and what did I find in the Fresh Vegetables and Fruits section? PassionFruit!!! Now I grew up in Madikeri, so I’ve actually picked these straight out from the tree, cut them into halves and immediately eaten their pulpy centres.  I’ve also dreamt of making passion fruit icecream from a … Continue reading

Basbousa Bakrid

The site I used to get the recipe from is fabulous Ummah.com . Its great to experiment from, and has all the traditional dishes from that region. This Basbousa was for Bakrid, along with a Khubz (Bread) recipe from the weekend Hindu – Khubz Arabi Basbousa is a kind of semolina/sooji cake drenched in sugar … Continue reading

Vanilla ice cream sunday

Vanilla Icecream is exactly like a blank canvas, its like having white walls in a house. For three years I have lived with pink walls and I cant think of a worse punishment for myself.  Coming back to the vanilla icecream, out of the many, many things that one can do with it, I did … Continue reading

Carrot and Peanut salad from Nigella

The brilliant carrot and peanut salad http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/the-rainbow-rooms-carrot-and-peanut-salad-219 So easy to make that its unbelievable, and so tasty.  

Pickles and Chutneys

If  you like pickles of the sweet and hot variety then do try these – Gaarlic Pickle, of any brand, I use MTR. Its fabulous. Its almost a subzi in itself I feel. Garlic and onions are such sweet ‘whatever they are, roots or bulbs or veggies’. Sublime! The murabba you get next to the … Continue reading