Bangalore Craigslist Good Deals for the week

1) Sofa for 9000 Rs here 2) Kids Work Bench for 3000 Rs here 3) If you want to bring the office into home. looks neat and functional here . Price not mentioned 4) Four of These look fine for 2000 Rs here         Advertisements

Cleaning things and Beetroots

These days, its been a cleaning, organizing and streamlining kind of mindset. And with me it takes longer than shorter. This period can often extend to months without showing any drastic consequences of the said cleaning. But not to worry, these things are happening if only as ideas, future precautions and intents. It is after … Continue reading

One night Two days in Gokarna

 Bus: SRS (, Stay: Namaste Cafe on Om Beach Travel hours: 12 (From Bangalore to Gokarna) No.Of Beaches to see: 5, Om, Moonlight, Paradise, Kudle, Gokarna Main. Om = best/easiest, Gokarna Main = ho hum, Paradise = Apparently the most secluded and beautiful, approachable only by boat and open only through Nov – May. … Continue reading

Painting the bathroom doors

No, I haven’t done this already. But lately, this has become an increasing obsession. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep deciding on the shades of the colors. Yellow and Blue I decided. As, I had already decided, warm and cool as the bathroom colors. Using all things blue (as much as I could) in one, … Continue reading

The Newspaper Folders.

Things I need to put in a specified order. Or any order. 1) Old bills (shelf life – 1 year) 2)Restaurant fliers (God! there are so many of these. shelf life – the good ones, forever) 3)Photos 4)Papers – insurance, registrations, form 16s, payslips, rent/maintenance receipts 5)Maps from everywhere you have ever been 6)Brochures of … Continue reading

While the Tomatoes were cooking…

    When the tomatoes were cooking here. Took a little Cif and discovered that there are 26 light switches in the house!      

Purple Glory

Another picture from the fledgeling garden. A riot of purple this time.

Saucy Jam

I realised a very surprising thing last evening. Tomatoes are less than 10 rupees a kilo. So immediately, I thought of tomato jam, tomato chutney, tomato juice etc etc. Tomato juice is, well, difficult to strain. Tomato chutney. Hm. Definitely maybe. But tomato jam, most definitely, why not. So here is the break up/steps Get … Continue reading

Trunks for storage + sitting

Our terrace is a real open space. There is no place to sit, ponder, think, write. Or whatever is your fancy. So it is essentially a place to experiment, space wise because it is really in the bottom of our list of priorities at the moment. Therefore, experiment. Recently, we had to get trunks for storage of … Continue reading